WiiUAndMii Speaks: Super Smash Bros. Release Periods

During a Nintendo Direct segment at the beginning of this week, the Japanese gaming giant were hesitant to reveal an exact release date for their highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. games for their handheld Nintendo 3DS and their home console the Wii U. However, they did announce that we would be receiving the portable version this summer, but will have to wait until the winter before we can brawl in high definition. This staggered release has caused a lot of discussion, such as whether the Wii U version will even make it out in 2014 (as Winter technically means December-February) and what impact this release style will have on the sales of the individual versions – will the 3DS version launching first cannibalise future Wii U sales, will the Wii U version even make 2014?

Well, Josh Stevens (aka the guy writing this article) and William Robinson decided to talk about this point in a brief video, which you can see below. Which version of the game will you be buying? What are your thoughts on this release method? Let us know!

(Apologies for my voice, I know it sounds awful. Also, props to Will for editing the video – Josh)

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