Pokémon Sun/Moon Will Let You Increase IVs!

With the November launch of Nintendo 3DS pair Pokémon Sun/Moon fast approaching, The Pokémon Company International has today released yet another brand new trailer showcasing some of the new species you will be able to capture in the Alola Region, as well as announcements regarding changes to the face of competitive Pokémon battling!

Following the launch of Sun/Moon, the official Global Link online hub will cease its support of the franchise’s current generation games and will roll out exciting brand new features for the new era. Most notably, will be the ability to host and organise your own Friendly Competitions where you can set the rules and regulations – a feature that many may consider long overdue.

Training for such competitions has always been a bit of a slog, with trainers hatching eggs en masse or spending hours soft-resetting at a legendary to ensure the optimum individual strengths (known by fans as Individual Values, or “IVs”). Following on from how X/Y revolutionised effort values with Super Training, Sun/Moon‘s brand new Hyper Training will allow players to increase a Pokémon’s individual strengths by giving Bottle Caps to Mr. Hyper – a man who loves to collect them! The special event Magearna that will be distributed around the games’ release will be holding one of these Bottle Caps, allowing you to get an early start in training your Pokémon!

We're on to you, "Mr. Hyper".
We’re on to you, “Mr. Hyper”, if that is your real name.

Lastly, the Digital Player ID that contains the regulations for Live Tournaments such as the Video Game Championships series will now be a QR code that you can scan to download the ruleset, as opposed to having to connect over local wireless.

Starting off with confirmation with English names for two previously revealed species, is the reintroduction of:


Name: Bewear

Type: Normal/Fighting

Ability: Fluffy/Klutz

Bewear’s brand new “Fluffy” ability halves the damage of all moves that make physical contact but in exchange, doubles the power of Fire-type attacks used against it.


Name: Mimikyu

Type: Ghost/Fairy

Ability: Disguise

Having dressed in Pikachu-themed attire due to its popularity 20 years ago, this Pokémon thought it would only be popular if it imitated the iconic electric mouse. Another brand new ability to Sun/Moon, Disguise allows Mimikyu to evade enemy damage a single time, which prompts an appearance change.

In addition to those two previously revealed species, the trailer has also welcomed a handful of new additions to the Pokédex!


Name: Wimpod
Type: Bug/Water
Ability: Wimp Out
Known for being quite cowardly, Wimpod’s brand new ability “Wimp Out” means the Pokémon will flee from battle if its health drops below half! So you may have to rethink your strategy when attempting to catch a Wimpod.

Name: Bounsweet
Type: Grass
Ability: Leaf Guard/Oblivious
This cute little Pokémon is known for its alluring aroma which has a calming effect on humans – however, it’s also known to be swallowed whole by other Pokémon attracted by its scent. Even in the Pokémon world, nature is scary.

Name: Comfrey
Type: Fairy
Ability: Flower Veil/Triage
Comfrey’s new Triage ability means all recovery-based moves get added priority; potentially making it a rather handy support Pokémon for Double Battles!

Name: Mudsdale
Type: Ground
Ability: Own Tempo / Stamina
Although Mudsdale aren’t particularly fast, the species is renowned for its power and stamina; being able to carry loads of over 10 tons for three days and nights! Mudsdale’s new ability Stamina will increase its Defence stat by 1 stage whenever it’s hit with an attack.

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