Explore The Version Differences of Pokémon Sun/Moon!

Sometimes, it feels like we’ve only finished writing about one piece of Pokémon Sun/Moon news when another story lands on our desks, especially as it hasn’t been a full week since we learned about the latest Ultra Beasts, Sun‘s UB-02 Absorption and Moon‘s UB-02 Beauty and yet, here we are with another nugget for you!

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Previously leaked in CoroCoro Magazine this month, we can now officially share with you the details of Rockruff’s evolved form! Known as Lycanroc, the form this Rock-type Pokémon takes depends on the version it was evolved in! In Sun it will evolve into the Midday Form with the abilities Keen Eye or Sand Rush. Whereas in Moon, it will evolve into Midnight form and have the Keen Eye or Vital Spirit ability!

Two brand new Pokémon, that will each by exclusive to a specific version of the pair, have also been revealed:


Name: Passimian
Ability: Receiver
Type: Fighting
Exclusive To: Sun
The Teamwork Pokémon Passimian attack by throwing Berries at their foes. They tend to live in troops of 20–30 Passimian, who all follow one leader. These tribes work in teams to train and improve their skills. This Pokémon has the Ability Receiver, an Ability which no previous Pokémon has had. With the Receiver Ability, Passimian can inherit the Ability of an ally who faints in battle.

oranguru_rgb_300dpiName: Oranguru
Ability: Inner Focus / Telepathy
Type: Normal/Psychic
Exclusive To: Moon
The Sage Pokémon Oranguru live in the solitary deeps of the Alolan forests and, in fact, were once known as ‘the people of the forests’. Oranguru hold a fan-like object made of leaves and are known to be kind to other Pokémon in the forest, often giving injured Pokémon medicine or hungry Pokémon food. This Pokémon can exclusively learn the new move Instruct, a move which can make the selected target use its most recent move again immediately.

Additionally, two fan favourites are receiving exclusive Z-Moves! Exclusively known by Pikachu, Catastropika is Pikachu’s most powerful attack, while Eevee’s Extreme Evoboost uses all of its evolutionary potential in order to boost all of its stats by two stages!

Long rumoured, the trailer has also finally confirmed that trainer customisation, a feature welcomed in X/Y and sorely missed in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, is returning! Pokémon-amie has also been rejuvenated and renamed “Pokémon Refresh”, allowing you to groom your Pokémon and give them treats!

Earlier today, it was also revealed that the all-important Pokémon Bank update that will allow compatibility with previous games, is due to be released in January 2017 – two months after Sun/Moon make their international debut on 18th November 2016, followed by Europe on the 23rd.

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