Pokémon Sun/Moon: Starter Evolutions & Demo

With September rushing by us faster than an Arcanine, we now find ourselves only a month away from Pokémon Sun/Moon; the Nintendo 3DS-exclusive pair that will spark a new generation of Game Freak’s iconic monster collecting franchise. Today, The Pokémon Company International continued their series of regular news updates, by finally unveiling the long-awaited first evolved forms of our starter Pokémon!


Name: Dartrix
Ability: Overgrow
Type: Grass/Flying
The Blade Quill Pokémon Dartrix evolves from Rowlet. Dartrix attacks by throwing its knife-edged feathers, and it possesses extremely sharp senses. This Pokémon can detect opponents behind it and can throw feathers to strike them without even seeing them. This Pokémon cares a great deal about its appearance, grooming its feathers in every spare moment it has.


Ability: Blaze
Type: Fire
The Fire Cat Pokémon Torracat evolves from Litten. This Pokémon produces flames for its attacks from a bell-like sac attached at the base of its throat. Torracat has a great love for battle and will attack relentlessly. Its mane can sense what is going on around it, even in the dark, and is able to detect the presence of hidden enemies.

Ability: Torrent
Type: Water
The Pop Star Pokémon Brionne evolves from Popplio. Brionne can dance in perfect time with others and is always cheery and positive. A very hard worker, Brionne learns dances by imitating other members of its colony and can sometimes even learn dances from humans. As this Pokémon dances, it creates balloons and slaps them into its target, making them explode and deal damage to its opponents.


Previously featured in the Pokémon XYZ anime series, today’s trailer also finally confirmed that Ash-Greninja will be in the game. Ash-Greninja can be obtained by downloading a special Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon: Special Demo Version from the Nintendo eShop on 18th October 2016. Completing the demo will allow players to transfer Ash-Greninja to their full game at release.

While it may seem like a normal Greninja at first glance, after knocking out a Pokémon, the new Battle Bond ability kicks in – causing Greninja to transform into Ash-Greninja for the remainder of the battle.

The trailer also announced a couple of new features for the games: Festival Plaza and Poké Pelago.


In Sun/Moon, communication features are gathered in the Festival Plaza, where players will be able to see other trainers that are near them or connecting to them over the internet. Listening to people and taking their requests can earn you “Festival Coins”, which can be spent in dye houses, goody shops for items or even bouncy castles where Pokémon can improve their stats. As players gather more Festival Coins, their Festival Plaza will rank up, yielding rewards and making more activities available. Players will even gain the ability to host missions, where multiple players can work together to try to achieve certain goals.
The Festival Plaza will also be home to limited-time “Global Missions”; challenges that players from across the world can participate in. The first will be themed around catching a lot of Pokémon and will go live in November.


In the Poké Pelago, Pokémon stored in the PC can be used to explore a variety of isles, use athletic equipment or enjoy other fun activities. If players send many Pokémon to Poké Pelago, they can develop more facilities on the isles and also develop new kinds of isles. As these isles are developed and increase in number, they will allow players to obtain items and even raise Pokémon.

Mega Evolutions, a concept first introduced in Pokémon X/Y have additionally been confirmed to be returning in the new games, with the Z-Ring having a slot allowing for Mega Stones. However, in a surprise announcement, the use of these Pokémon are prohibited from the 2017 World Championship Series, with the confirmed rules being added to the standard regulations:

Format: Double Battles
Allowed Pokémon: Alola Pokédex only, with the exception of some legendaries and mythical Pokémon. Pokémon must be caught in Sun or Moon.
Restrictions: Mega Stones cannot be used.

When the Pokémon Global Link updates for Sun/Moon, it will also add a new feature called “QR Rental Battles”. The number of Battle Box slots has been increased from 1 to 6 and now, players can generate a QR Code of a specific Battle Box team and share it online, allowing others to use them in Link Battles and certain rating battles!

Pokémon Sun/Moon will be launching worldwide on 18th November 2016, except in Europe, where they will be released on 23rd November.

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