Pokémon Goes Retro For New Movie Teaser

While everyone is well aware by now that this year marks the twentieth anniversary of GameFreak’s Pokémon video game franchise, the hugely popular anime series will have to wait until next year to celebrate that same milestone – which it looks to be doing so in style, if the teaser trailer for the new Pokémon movie is anything to go by!

pokemon-i-choose-you-posterOpening in Japanese cinemas on 15 July 2017, the twentieth theatrical instalment, Pokémon: I Choose You shows a more retro look more in line with Ash’s classic appearance. Keen eyed fans will no doubt recognise the significance of Ho-Oh on the promotional poster; being a mysterious Pokémon Ash saw on the first day of his journey.

Pokémon movie teasers are notorious for being deceiving and sometimes not even featuring shown characters in the final version, but this one is certainly looking promising so far! What are you expecting from Pokémon: I Choose You?

Update 1: Cleaner images and official trailer upload added.


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