Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Hits UK Cinemas From 17 May

If you’re someone who reads a lot of shonen manga, you’re probably aware of the smash hit series Fairy Tail. The fantasy action title has received various spin-offs over the years, including manga, two anime series and theatrical features. The latest of which, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, is coming to cinemas in the UK and Ireland on 17 May 2017.

With the original manga series racing toward its climax, what better time to jump into an animated adventure with Natsu and the crazy members of the Fairy Tail guild.
The synopsis of Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, is as follows:

“Based on the best-selling manga, Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry takes us back to the magical Kingdom of Fiore, where an ancient treasure known as the “Dragon Cry” has been stolen and its destructive power delivered to Animus (Makoto Furukawa), the Kingdom of Stella’s ruler.

The dangerous task of recapturing this artefact falls on the hot-headed Natsu (Tetsuya Kakihara) and his fellow mages of the Fairy Tail guild. Venturing into enemy territory to track down the traitor, they encounter Animus’ magician Sonya (Aoi Yūki), who makes claims of wanting to save her country, but what is she hiding?

What does Animus plan to do with the Dragon Cry? Amidst the heroic battle and its tangled motivations, Natsu’s instinct awakens…”

You can see a teaser trailer for the movie above and tickets can be found and booked here. Although do be aware that not all venues may have the listing up yet.

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